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The proof is in the …


I’m thrilled to receive the galley proofs / advanced reading copies for my upcoming book. It’s a difficult task, proofing, re-editing, refining something that would end up in the final print of a book. The hours and days and weeks (months!) of reading everything, from cover to cover, down to the tiniest detail is exhausting but all rewarding and worthwhile.

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What I think about ‘That Fry Boy’ by James Fry


Sometimes, I find memoirs and autobiographies hard to read, particularly those written by famous or well-known people. But the prospect of reading a memoir by a person I haven’t heard of before—someone I don’t actually know in any capacity—can be even more difficult. An account of a total stranger’s life story is like reading a book of fiction; you may feel compelled to suspend disbelief in order to accept certain […]

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Premiere author Charles Raines interviews Ramon Loyola

It’s a pleasure to be interviewed by writer extraordinaire Charles Raines​ on his exciting repertoire / blog full of colour and delight. Charles is the author of several awesome books, including ‘Stranger in Translation’ and ‘The Man with the Mandolin’. Thanks, Charles Raines! http://gay-stories-gb.com/meet-australian-poet-ramon-loyola/?fb_action_ids=815243335261801&fb_action_types=og.likes

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‘Why Goldfish Never Die’ by Brian McCully, a profound read


Review of ‘Why Goldfish Never Die‘ by Brian McCully (illust. by Shae Levinson) (2015, Inkshed Press Pty Ltd) A profound reading experience, full of hope and wistful reminders on how to deal with the complexities of life and the simplicity of tangible moments that inform our existence. With unique observations, such as, ‘Bodies are born of tangible things … They are tangible things. They can be hurt and feel the […]

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